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Behind the Camera


A brief intro to my film making philosophy:


I have a passion to tell stories with moving pictures.


Composition, lighting and camera movement combine to convey a sense of mood and emotion.

The viewer’s journey during a movie is through the eyes of the camera, thus making every single shot extremely important. The ability to evoke the full spectrum of emotions by using pictures is the art of cinematography. I believe the choice of these pictures is what sets great cinematographers apart.

I believe that the language of film is under developed, and that there is great potential to take story telling with this medium to a new level.

Audiences have been trained to accept a “visual language”. Certain picture sizes and angles mean certain things. Challenging the viewer to think about unusual pictures greatly interests me, and is a motivating part of my approach to photography.

It is important that this approach accentuates and heightens the story telling process


As a DOP I believe I am in a unique position to make Quality moving pictures.

Since 1992 I have been  making New Zealand Drama productions (including over 35 feature films). I can use this experience and knowledge to make great drama pieces with out falling into time consuming and costly traps

I have a vast range of contacts in the film Industry and have no problems creating experienced and enthusiastic crews.

I also have a Lighting supply company, thus minimizing time and associated costs to production companies


Ultimately I wish to continue working in the Feature Film world and I believe I can offer a cinematic service that not only enhances the dramatic desires of the Director and Actors but also is visually stimulating for the audience

Awards &
vlcsnap-2016-06-25-23h15m33s158 coplly.jpg

FlashCallahan , United Kingdom. Movie Review ( The Last Saint )

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